Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Juicer & Store

Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Juicer & Store

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Juice lemon for a vinaigrette and store the leftover lemon half, or the
remaining juice in the Innovative Kitchen Juice & Store by Mason
Cash! Crafted from carefully-selected stoneware, this smart, double-duty
juicer is durable and will stand up to frequent use. The 2-piece Juice
& Store has a citrus reamer that’s designed to catch pips as you
juice. After juicing, use the spout to pour the liquid into the base for
measuring or storing.

Got leftover juice or an unused lime half? Store it right in the base! When in place, the top reamer creates an airtight seal for freshness. Use this smartly-designed juicer to extract all the juice from a grapefruit for breakfast or to juice citrus fruit for a recipe!


  • Collection: Innovative Kitchen
  • Style: Juice & Store
  • Color: Cream
  • Crafted from carefully-selected stoneware
  • Serves as juicer and storage container
  • 2-piece juicer
  • Top reamer designed to stop pips from getting into your juice
  • Store juice or fruit halves in the base