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Can you believe that around 400 million sponges are thrown away each year in the United States? The saddest part of it all is that most of these are plastic. 
We have made it a mission to carry more earth friendly alternatives to plastic sponges, scrub pads, toilet bowl brushes, and more.
Why use a plastic sponge when you could be using an alternative that is not only better for the environment but better in design and aesthetic?

Some alternatives to yucky bacteria harboring sponges:

Scrub Pads - These 100% cotton handknit scrub pads are the way to go! They can be washed and dried. The team at the shop raves about them as they work so well when cleaning dishes. Pair this with a pot and pan brush for those tougher cases. 
Dish Brush - These dish brushes are made from untreated beechwood. The brush can be removed and replaced, you can purchase dish brush head replacements here

Other household cleaning tools that we love:

Plastic Free Toilet Brush - This toilet brush has plant-based bristles and FSC® beech wood handle. 


All these are available at our Brooklyn location located at 407 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11231.

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