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From removing stains from our clothes to cleansing our skin, the famous Savon de Marseille has been a staple at our shop since we opened. The soap making technique originates from, you guessed it: Marseille, France. The French have been relying on the amazing cleaning properties of these soaps for centuries. The ingredient list consists of plant-based oils, no preservatives or fragrances. If you do the research you'll find how powerful one block of savon truly is- you can clean practically anything!
Did you know that traditional Savon de Marseille is made using a 5-step process? It includes a cauldron! Learn more about these steps here.  There are many imitations out there and it is important to know if you are purchasing the real thing. There shouldn't be any animal fat used to make these soaps.
Ways to use Savon de Marseille: 
You can use the soap as a laundry detergent, stain remover, as dishwashing liquid, jewelry cleaner, makeup brush cleaner, mite repellent, and much more. There are many recipes available that showcase how to properly mix the savon in order to achieve the desired cleaning solution.
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