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A long time stalwart of European dining sets and tea rooms, the silver tray has a luxe vintage charm that is surprisingly versatile in every part of your home. Here at Painted Swan, we love using silver trays in delightfully unexpected ways. Check out six styling inspirations below, from an elegant bar serving station to a chic stationary set, and let us know how you plan to incorporate these sterling trays into your home for the fall season!

Whether it’s for guests or yourself as a self-care treat, assembling happy hour drinks on a tray imbues the moment with a vacation-like feel. And although it may feel too early to think about it, the holiday season is just around the corner… Instantly elevate your hosting game with celebratory drinks served on a sterling, if you are so fortunate as to have one, or silver plate tray. Either one provides a storied sense of history and grandeur.

Alternatively, we love designing precious moments in smaller, space saving ways with a candle vignette. Ideal for those who dislike the look of coffee table clutter but love the ambience that candles set, corralling all the accessories—candle, matches, wick trimmer, etc.—onto a tray creates a deliberate, efficient, yet ultimately lush environment.

Silver trays can also brighten up the daily but at times tedious aspects of home life, such as cooking dinner or dish clean up after a long day. Why not add some charm to your kitchen counters, simply for you? We believe beautiful items need not be reserved for special occasions or guests!

Lastly, the joy of styling silver trays is that they inspire a touch of whimsy wherever they are utilized. Some unconventional but no less impactful areas of your home that may benefit from silver trays are your bathroom and desk. Gathering all the daily toiletry items onto a tray means your day begins and ends with an element of elegance. And even though the habit of handwriting letters has perhaps fallen by the wayside, we know at the end of the day, there is almost nothing more appreciated than a sincere, heartfelt card. 

We at Painted Swan hope that these suggestions are helpful inspiration, but ultimately believe that your home is an extension of your personal style and spirit. We’d love to see how you’d use these stunning silver trays in your homes; stop by our shop to browse the whole collection!

For some further design inspiration on how to beautifully utilize trays throughout your home, check out one of our favorite styling books, Remodelista: The Organized Home by Julie Carlson and Margot Guralnick. These two are geniuses at crafting simple, impactful, and highly practical home designs. Our definite go-to for any styling slump or white space! 


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