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In Store | Holiday Decor Handmade in Brooklyn

Is it really that time of year again? This year has been quite the whirlwind for many of us, and because of this, we decided to start releasing our holiday merchandise earlier than usual. We've also made it a mission to hand make ornaments at the shop. All our orange garlands and orange ornaments are handmade from start to finish at our Brooklyn, NY location. We purchase the oranges locally, slice them, dry them, and hand make the garland at our studio. It's a team effort!

We're so lucky to have some amazing customers and friends that have contributed their talent to our handmade collection. Local Brooklyn artist Bria Deserio handmade and painted wonderful Pawnaments.

Our friend Francesca handmade various styles of crochet snowflakes and icicles. We will be donating a portion of the sales to our local church. 

Another Painted Swan team effort is sourcing locally and making cinnamon stick bundles in various sizes. A simple yet elegant decor item that gives off a deliciously warm scent. 


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