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Happy Holidays from the Painted Swan team! Each of us care deeply about our mission and love helping our customers find the perfect piece to take home, whether for themselves or to gift. Rounding out our gift guide are Ally's recommendations and favorite pieces.

What is your favorite Painted Swan gift to give?

Anything By Bria Deserio honestly. She paints the famed oil paintings for the shop. Bria mostly paints small stills of different fruits or cheese. My mother & I gifted my sister a gouda painting last year! She absolutely loved it. It’s such a great gift. The art itself and the framing that Andrea does is one of kind. Any food connoisseur would absolutely adore it.

What Painted Swan gift would you like to receive?

We just received new jewelry inventory in the shop and this beautiful Diez Milagritos Charm Bracelet caught my eye. It’s Sterling Silver from Mexico. Every charm is so detailed and unique. I don’t even wear bracelets but I’m obsessed with it.

What’s caught your eye that you’ll gift to yourself?

Our crystal ornaments for sure. They’re only around during the holidays season in the shop but I like to hang them in my window. They give off  little rainbows and a beautiful glow when the sun hits them. It’s perfect for the dark winter months.

What’s the most useful gift?

The Marseille Soap! I use it every week for laundry and cleaning. It works wonders and I’ve gotten everyone in my life hooked on it too.

What about for the hard to shop for crowd? (We all know one person...)

You really can’t go wrong with our signature candle. I know fragrance Is personal but the scent is light and versatile, that’s why its everyone loves it. I also think the orange garland is a great gift for someone picky. It’s something they wouldn’t expect and it looks great in any home.

Tell us about your favorite way to decorate or celebrate the holiday season.

I love the dried orange and quince garland. I usually put one in my  kitchen and one in my room. I’m not really into Christmas decor so the garland adds a rustic touch that can stay up all winter.

This year, in the spirit of giving back, we are also offering suggested donation gift wrapping services in support of three special animal charities. Check out our special cause partners here.

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