Tips & Tricks | Summer Napkin Ring Hack

We love ourselves some tips and tricks! So much so that we are dedicating a section of the blog to these bits of wisdom passed down to us, or simply our own light bulb moments that have changed our decor game. 

Summer and brunch go hand in hand. Lovely weekends while staying at a beach house with family and friends. There really isn't anything better than to set up a table quickly while the kids are running around, Aunt Letty is cooking up a storm, and the rest of us are helping out. During this Covid-19 pandemic, we are still social distancing, but even so, we still have a desire to spruce things up. To do so effortlessly and to enjoy spending time with family even if its via a zoom call brunch with the gramps. 

We adore snapping photos by the table and this little hack is one of our favorites. Seashells as napkin rings! Minimalist, elegant, super cute, and so so easy! Don't get us wrong, we love a good napkin ring, blown glass or handmade creations from our favorite makers. Yet, we have a special place in our hearts for found seashells. During our summer beach outings we tend to grab these lovely shells, take them home, and use them as decor. We've been sprucing up our summer brunch table with these wonderful shells all summer long. Look through your own collection and find those that have two openings. Then slip a napkin right in and voila! 

If you are in the Brooklyn area come and visit us at 407 Court Street in Carroll Gardens with every purchase of a linen napkin set you get to grab two shells from our collection. 

Let us know what are some of your fav summer decor hacks in the comments. 

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