How To | Take Care of Cutting Boards

We love to treat our cutting boards with lots of love! We carry Christophe Pourny's Cutting Board Tonic. It is free of harmful chemicals and solvents. It's so good- food safe- and gives your cutting boards a deep woodsy color. The rosemary oil and vinegar aid in cleansing and giving the board a delicious scent. The tonic features walnut oil, which gives the wood a nice moisturized finish.
 It is crucial to protect fruit woods from grease. This tonic is an excellent treatment and if you purchase any of our Deli or Round cutting boards we suggest to apply this upon arrival. Then repeat the treatment again after 24 hours. Cutting boards should be cleaned with a wet cloth or by scrubbing them with a brush. The boards shouldn't be soaked in water for a prolonged amount of time since it can cause the wood to split. 
Check out our wonderful collection of cutting and bread boards below: 

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