Why I Love White Paint | By Andrea Romeo

I’m not quite sure where it came from or when it began, but I have had a lifelong love of white interiors.

For many years, I was in the art business. Before hanging a show, I loved taking in the moment of pristine, freshly-painted white walls. The entire room was like a big, blank canvas. As I moved the paintings around, I would think about how the order and placement would affect the viewer. I was always humbled and honored to be able to contribute to the artist’s story.

When I started doing design work, I found that the same white pallet could also help me tell the story of a home, its history, and its inhabitants. A space’s four white walls never failed to excite me. A room is nothing but bones and light, and that is everything.

I often hear from our clients and customers that they “hate white paint.” When I first opened my little shop in Brooklyn, it was Spring, and I often left the doors open. I could hear every conversation of people leaving the shop. I often heard exclamations like, “That poor little thing is never going to make it unless she gets some color in there.” I even had some well-meaning neighbors attempt a color intervention.

Above is a photo of Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Old White and the Clear Wax. One of our staples at the shop.

Thankfully most visitors lingered, feeling embraced by the sense of peace that the space offered, and wanting to replicate that same tranquility in their own homes. I’m not going to lie, the latter feedback felt much better.

I think the most important part of any project is authenticity. If I am going to fall on my face, I want it to be my face, no one else’s.

White is not just one color. If you are looking at white paint swatches, I find it helps to lay the swatch on a sheet of white printer paper. The yellows, the browns and the blues will reveal themselves. After you narrow down your swatches, I recommend painting large swatches on the wall. Take a couple of days and experience the color in the morning, in the evening, with artificial light and without. 

White is soothing, calming, simple, and pure. Everything you bring into a white room takes on a stronger role, leading your eye to the pieces you cherish and love. Its quiet strength supports the pieces that reflect who you are.


The Painted Swan Signature Candle features an all white design and seal inspired by Andrea's love for white. 


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